the magic carpet ride vase

DESCRIPTION | sky blue, purplish black, stone grey and charcoal move around this substantial hand carved piece of sculpture, highlighting some of the most fabulous rings we’ve seen.

MATERIALS | acrylic, found wood, epoxy resin

SIZE | 11 X 11 inches

WEIGHT | 9.9 pounds

AVAILABILITY | yes.  variations available upon request.

PRICE | $400


the martha's vineyard platter

DESCRIPTION | we like to call the colors of this interesting platter "preppy with a twist".  grand for spicing up a room, but definitely NOT for buttery lobster!

SIZE | 14 X 1 Inch/es

WEIGHT | 1.2 pounds

MATERIALS | acrylic, teak, epoxy resin

PRICE | $250


mid century candlesticks

DESCRIPTION | the neutral colors of these candlesticks make them perfect for a candlelit dinner or Shabbat with the family.

MATERIALS | acrylic, teak, epoxy resin 

SIZE | 5 X 2.5 inches 

WEIGHT | .5 inches

AVAILABILITY | yes.  variations available upon request..

PRICE | $150


mid century salt and pepper shakers

DESCRIPTION | luscious sky blue, purples, payne’s grey and stone turn this humble, every day item into much more than a side dish.

MATERIALS | acrylic, teak, epoxy resin 

WEIGHT | .3 pounds

AVAILABILITY | yes.  variations available upon request..

PRICE | $125