mint for carla

DESCRIPTION | when the ever creative carla mentioned using the color mint, this design created itself before our eyes.
MATERIALS | acrylic, teak, epoxy resin
SIZE | 20 X 18 X 4.25 inches
WEIGHT | 15.4 pounds
AVAILABILITY | yes.  variations available upon request..
PRICE | $675

an eye for color

this multi-layered art piece has a name bequeathed by wise spirit, in a very small body. the rich browns, tans, black and reds are based on a study of the most common skin colors around the globe, while the greens, blues, violets and hazels reference vivid eye colors.   this piece was bought by our beautiful and ridiculously talented friend, Carla Stitt!   made of acrylic, black walnut, epoxy resin and metal legs.


arc de triomphe

this richly colored bowl is on it's way to Beaver Creek Colorado as we speak (ummm....write)!  it was so much fun shopping with Beth Thomas.  made of acrylic, teak, epoxy resin.  variations available upon request.


eames's candy store

close to my heart, this piece has a story to tell (ask me later!), and now lives in the crazy interesting house of my cousin's, Denise and Steven Glazer.  I am so honored! mid-century modern colors are woken up to dance with a gorgeous piece of black walnut.  made of acrylic, black walnut, epoxy resin and metal legs.


cloud nine

meet cloud nine!  the naturally occurring yellow rings are true mastery.  this is THAT piece.  the one that everyone likes.  funnily enough, she is the one thing all people agree upon!  clearly, she is magnificent as a centerpiece or as a wall hanging.  alas, this cloud has passed, but can be visited at the home of our friends heather and chris.



this hot little number is a study in color.  cool colors move in and out amongst those hot juicy colors of summer!  we love just looking at how they play off of each other. this is a beautiful piece of wood whose rings have been highlighted even further by the artwork.  fahrenheit was just adopted by our new friend barbara.  THANK YOU!!!! made of acrylic, wood, epoxy resin and metal legs.


purple mountains

this very unique piece of black walnut has exceptional rings that just begged for majesty!  the colors tell stories of perfect sunsets.  our friends jodi and jeff have brought this purple mountain to to north dallas!  made of acrylic, black walnut, epoxy resin.


untitled circles of all sizes

large or small, or somewhere in-between, these circles are the perfect addition to a table or wall.  they inspire thoughts of one of a kind gifts and artwork.  we would LOVE to work with you on specific colors for your house.