I never met an art medium I didn't like.  I was one of those kids who grew up in the days when little asthmatic girls sat out from gym when it got too strenuous.  
I had hours to sit out, luckily, with my friend Pam.  We loved art!  I wanted to be an Artist, with a capital "A".   From a brief flirtation with the idea of law school, to degrees in Psychology, Philosophy and Graphic Design, I have loved my final career choice of being a Graphic Designer, with a capital "D"!  

I love the matchless design of nature combined with elements of mid century modern style to provide warmth, cleverness and wit.  
Mid century style is the opposite of cold and harsh modern.  We hope our pieces can serve as a celebration of wonder at those forces
larger than ourselves and provide a reminder that there is always room for joy, great design and gratitude in this big world we live in!


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Modern Slice
Alyce Glazer Levy