A Plea

It's by the luck of the draw that I make things that people like.  This fortunate thing is delightful, except for one wee problem:  I hate sales!  Below is the conundrum, so please follow along (I hope I make sense here!)

1.  I love creating art of all types.

2. I hate the act of selling things.

3. Supplies are frequently expensive and at times, take up a lot of space.

4. I have taken the book, "The Art of Tidying" very seriously and attempt to be a minimalist.  Also, we are not ridiculously wealthy.

5. Therefore, pieces of art are often in the way and/or blocking my husband's car/bike/progress through the house/man space and need to be released into the world!


In summation, I need your help!  I would love to find some lovely gallery spaces with which to showcase my love, hard work and message.  All ideas welcome.  If it works, there will be something in it for you.

Alyce  214.957.6543